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In our current technologically driven world, handheld devices are extremely prolific. It has become a cornerstone of modern society – laptops, phablets, and smarthphones can be seen everywhere. The consumption of products like these is nigh limitless. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it brings with it the need for a constant flow of portable power. Our current model of using rechargeable batteries is sustainable enough to meet this need, however, it does have an end point. All batteries eventually die out, and its longevity is only a matter of maintenance and care.

In order to keep your battery from fizzling out too soon, check out the following battery care tips you can apply today:usb cable

Fast and slow chargers

Fast chargers are a relatively new thing. Just as its name implies, it’s a device that will allow you to quickly charge your phone’s battery to higher levels in a fraction of the time. While the technology behind it is sound enough in that there is no risk in using it (so long as you have a compatible phone), fast charging does have a drawback when it comes to the battery’s long-time lifespan. Using it all the time will take its toll on the overall longevity of the battery, so it’s best used in moderation. Better yet, try using battery packs instead. Not only can it provide trickle charging, but it’s also less likely to heat your phone up.

Keep it cool

It’s common knowledge that heat and electrical devices don’t jive. (This is one of the most common causes for the need for PC repairs, especially in warm places like Los Angeles, California, Texas, etc.) The same is true for your battery. Modern ones use Lithium-Ions which are sensitive to high temperatures; heat exposure of around 27-37 degrees Celsius regularly within a year can cause your phone to lose up to 20-40% of your total charging capacity. That said, do your best to keep your phone from heating up too much. You can do this by closing apps often and keeping it ventilated.

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Overcharging is not all bad

Another misconception about batteries is that overcharging can cause it damage. While true with older versions, current iterations now have safety precautions against such issues. Leaving your phone to charge overnight or for the whole day will not cause it damage. In fact, running your battery down and then recharging it is even more damaging! Lithium-ion batteries respond better to periodic charging rather than complete cycles, so do that instead.

Keep the aforementioned tips in mind whenever operating your device’s batteries, but also rememeber that they can only prolong the inevitable, and not prevent it completely.