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You depend on your iPhone, laptop, PC, Mac, tablet, or other electronic devices to keep you connected with the world, and you use them every day.

And in the modern world, far more than mere entertainment depends on keeping these devices in good working condition: paying bills on time, doing your banking, communicating during emergency situations, event planning, interacting with physically distant friends/relatives, and (for some) earning a living all take place online via smartphones, laptops, and desktops.

At Group Micro, we understand how important your smart electronics are and how crucial it is to minimize any downtime they may have for repair. And we also understand how difficult it can be for hard-working people to afford to buy a new device after an accident or how stressful it can be to suddenly lose valuable data that was stored only on your device.

Group Micro offers fast, effective and affordable repair services for iPhones, Macbooks, PCs, and a host of other electronic devices. We are a full-service operation, handling everything from smartphone screen repair/replacement to computer repair to data recovery.

Why Should you choose Group Micro ?

We at Group Micro are under no delusions that people with damaged Apple® products or PCs have any shortage of options on where to get a repair done. We therefore work hard to "out-serve" the competition by better serving you.

Here are some of the distinctive advantages you benefit from when you choose
Group Micro:
Full services

Virtually any type of smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or other similar electronic device or accessory you bring in, we can repair it We will know how to diagnose the problem and fix it. regardless of whether it's a matter of physical damage end new parts or of programming and data recovery.

Convenient location

Our location at 1036 Braxton Avenue, Suite C, in the heart of Los Angeles and within blocks of UCLA is ideal for our clients. We are, in fact, within walk'ng cistance for a large percentage of our customers.

Extreme professionalism

We take our Job seriously because our job is helping you get your broken or malfunctioning device back up and running smooth in as little time as possible. We treat our customers like the boss, because after all, you are. We put as high a premium on fast, courteous, and truly helpful customer service as we do on our top-quality repair services themselves.

Fast, quality service

We understand how much you rely on your i Phone or other device needing repair, and we respect your time. Some of our competition is accustomed to making people wait days and days for even a simple repair. We're different. We expedite your service to the max. We rush to serve you, but we never do a "rush job" either.

Great rates

Finally, we offer highly competitive rates on all our services. You are getting your device repaired to avoid having to buy a new one, and it doesn't make sense to spend nearly as much to repair as it would cost to replace. We know how to give you a great deal that will keep you coming back to us long-term for any other repairs you may need in the future.

Our Commitment to You

At Group Micro, we bring you high level expertise across a wide range of service areas. We do most of our repairs same-day, and we keep our rates competitive and affordable.
But in a single word, what drives us to do what we do and sets us apart from the competition is this very important adjective: CUSTOMER-FOCUSED.

We put your needs first and always imagine ourselves in your situation. What would we do? What kind of service would we expect and be thankful for? How would we work if it was our device experiencing the problem. We put our-selves into your shoes and treat you like we would want to be treated were our roles reversed. We are committed to giving you the highest level of service without any undue delay, communicating with you every step along the way, ensuring your device leaves our repair center 100% repaired, and striving for 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do. Our online reviews as well as word-of-mouth referrals from past clients back up the claim that we consistently meet those goals.

Six of Our Key Service Areas

Whether you own an iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7. A first generation iPhone, or an Android or other smartphone, we can handle the repair. We have experience with all brands/models, and we have some of the highest-scoring iPhone/smartphone repair reviews in all of Southern California. (Check us out on Yelp!)

And what sets our iPhone and smartphone repairs above the competition? We use only high-quality parts that area an exact fit for your phone, which means your phone will last longer and run better. And we know how to work fast but still deliver top quality service. In fact, most iPhone repairs are finished within an hour and nearly always same-day. Group Micro's policy is to start working on your phone as soon as you walk in, and we get your phone fixed and back to you faster than expected.

Our expert staff has seen all manner of cell phone problems in the past, and we can do both the diagnosis and repair. All our work comes with a 60-day limited warranty because we are confident that our smartphone repairs will be durable and bring full customer satisfaction.

One of the most common smartphone repairs (no, the most common repair) requested is a cracked, chipped, scratched, or otherwise damaged screen. Screen repairs or replacements can be surprisingly costly, but at Group Micro, we give you a competitive, affordable price that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere (especially with our level or service and our exclusive use of top-tier replacement screens).

If you have a cracked iPhone, you will typically find that the damage isn't covered under the Apple product warranty because that warranty is for manufacturing defects (not something Apple is known for) and not for damage caused by accidents or rough handling. And even if you have the Appl eCare+ program, you are only covered for your first two incidents of accidental screen damage. Thus, most people can get their i-Phone screen repaired or replaced for less through us at Group Micro, and the repair will certainly cost much less than having to buy a new iPhone.

Unfortunately, screen protectors only go so far in defending your i Phone or other smartphone's glass against damage. And it is so easy to accidentally drop your phone, inadvertently knock it against a hard object, damage the screen with your keys when keys and phone share the same pocket, or get it damaged in some other way. In fact, accidentally damaging smartphone screens is extremely common.

Whether it's a small fissure, a larger crack, or a completely shattered screen, our staff will know what to do. We can examine your screen, give you a quote, and then fix it rapidly at an affordable rate.

When your Windows PC or laptop stops working properly, you can turn to Group Micro to identify and correct the problem. It may be your computer just needs a good, thorough cleaning, or it may being blacking out on you, malfunctioning after suffering water damage, have one or more debilitating viruses, have damage to its LCD screen, or be experiencing memory or hard drive issues. And there are numerous other possible problems that we can fix for you here at Group Micro, such as a computer that won't start up, won't shut down, or whose keyboard or scroll pad is no longer responsive.

We don't charge you just to look at your computer and tell you what's wrong: assessments are free. We are confident we can fix your PC, and we can give you a free quote on the spot.

Finally, if you need an OS upgrade or OS restore, we can assist you in that regard as well. Sometimes, Windows Vista can experience upgrade problems, but we are familiar with these and with how to overcome them.

Besides clean ups and replacing faulty parts, our staff at Group Micro is fully equipped and skilled to find and destroy all manner of viruses and other malware that may have infected your machine. We can remove viruses that are difficult to impossible for the average person to get rid of on his/her own.

Whatever type of Mac computer or laptop you need repaired, be it Macbook Pro, Air, or Retina in any of their versions, or an Apple desktop or Apple Mini, we have the exper-tise, tools, and parts on hand to quickly make all necessary repairs.

Whether it be memory or hard drive problems, water damage, a malfunctioning keyboard or mouse, speakers/camera problems, a virus, or anything else, we at Group Micro specialize in Mac repair and will be able to help you.

Group Micro can do the diagnosis when you walk in the door, give you a free estimate, and get started on fixing your machine right away. Typically, we have all necessary parts in stock at our repair center and will not need to order anything. But if we do have to order out on some rare occasion, we will expedite the process.

We repair your Mac on-site. We do not ship it out to another location to be worked on and then ship it back. That wastes your time and puts your Mac at greater risk due to unnecessary moving of it about Instead, we finish your Mac repair right in our store near UCLA in Los Angeles, and usually, that means same-day.

Not only can we fix your Mac laptop or desktop, but Group Micro can also fix any and all other Apple products. That includes iPads and tablets, but it also includes keyboards, external memory drives, high-powered mice, speakers, and all other Mac accessories.

If your iPad or tablet has a broken screen, needs a software upgrade, has batteries that won't charge, or is experiencing any other problem, bring it in to us and we will diag-nose it and fix it. Whatever model of iPod or tablet, we will have replacement parts on hand for it, and we can get the job done right quickly.

Or, if you want to unlock your device (do a 'jailbreaks), to give it better communications capabilities and take advantage of other benefits of unlocking, we can do that for you too.

When your computer crashes or your valuable files otherwise get stuck on your device, you can lose years of work and irreplaceable photos and other information. But at Group Micro, we can help you recover data from even badly damaged machines. And if we can't recover your lost files, there's no charge.

Whether it be a hard drive, flash drive, external memory unit Mac, PC, laptop or desk-top. i Phone or other smartphone, or other device, we can help you recover data that has gotten 'trapped' in it.

And we can often repair the damaged or malfunctioning device itself as well.

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