Unlocking Services

Group Micro can “unlock” smartphones. (Most U.S. network cell phones are “locked” to a particular cellular carrier. They can only be used on that carrier’s network, so you can’t switch to another service without “unlocking” it first.) When cell phones are unlocked, they can be utilized on any network and carrier worldwide. In circumstances where the phone is to be sold, they are typically sold for a higher price as the buyer can use the device on networks that operate in other regions of the world.

Unlocking Smartphones is Not “Jailbreaking”

Jailbreaking your phone is simply a way to gain root access to your smartphone. This typically voids the warranty and does not extend the phone’s capability to access other networks. Unlocking a phone removes default restrictions and provides the user with full device access and permissions.

Permanent and Warrantied

Group Micro’s unlocking process is permanent and is implemented through the Factory Unlock services. Examples of popular networks that we unlock include AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket,MetroPCS, and others. If you are a UCLA student that will graduate soon and leave the area, an unlocked phone ensures you can access the network of your choice when you arrive at your new destination.