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iPhone Repair in Los Angeles

It generally happens before it can stick to your mind- the moment your priced iPhone is damaged. A socket that short circuited your charger, dropped on concrete, caught in a rain storm, liquid spillage- the possibilities are many and varied. But one thing remains constant- you should never try to fix your iPhone no matter how simple the repair seems. iPhones are tricky and complicated things to the untrained eye. The components are more attached and issues can be complex than you would think. If your LCD out, it does not out rightly mean that the LCD is the inherent problem. It could be that something else is detached and causing chaos in your phone. The possibilities are many but when it comes to repair issues, always let a professional do that for you.

Common iPhone Repair Issues

  • iPhone backlight repair
  • iPhone battery problems
  • iPhone camera repair
  • Headphone jack
  • Speaker repair for iPhone
  • Cracked screen replacement LCD / Digitizer
  • Microphone / Speaker Unresponsive
  • Charging port not working
  • Front / Rear Camera replacement
  • Volume button, Home button
  • Hard drive corruption

We’ve all been there; you’ve had some kind of iPhone problems, for instance, busted screen, charging problems, camera issues, or a broken home or volume button. It can be tempting to chuck the device and replace it, but if this happens, you will end up purchasing a new iPhone instead of trading yours for a new one when your warranty is up. Don’t worry about your broken iPhone because Group Micro successfully deals with issues like these every day.

Whether you own an old model of iPhone or own the latest version, Group Micro has you covered with all of the necessary components in the house. Our team of seasoned technicians is standing by ready to assist you and restore your phone to pristine working order.

Reasons Why You Should Trust Your iPhone Repairs with Group Micro

  • We have the right skills and tools to get the job done

Repairing an unresponsive iPhone volume or home button and replacing an iPhone dock connector are not simple tasks for amateurs. But with correct tools and knowledge, Group Micro can handle any iPhone repair in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

  • We offer iPhone repair services at reasonable prices

The fact that something is inexpensive or affordable doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s cheap. While we offer you high-end iPhone repairs services, we also consider your wallet so that it does not suffer a huge blow after. Our aim is helping great people of Los Angeles, and beyond, especially those around UCLA by offering the best repair services at an affordable price.

  • Fast, quality service

We know how much you rely on your iPhone and we surely respect your time. While some of our competition will have your phone over at their shop for days and days, we make the whole repair process as fast and seamless as can be. We’re different and will deliver to the max. We frequently same-day turnarounds and while we rush to serve you and ensure your phone is back to its usability, we never do a “rush job.”

  • We acquire iPhone replacement parts at wholesale price

As a reputable iPhone repair company in Los Angeles, it is easier for us to order quality iPhone replacement parts from our suppliers and wholesalers. With this, you can rest assured that we will restore your iPhone to its original condition. Most people cannot order iPhone replacement parts directly from the suppliers and that’s why their iPhone repair services are usually expensive and sometimes with no guarantee of great results. In all our iPhone repairs, we only use highest quality repair parts. We believe that any repair we do should be able to restore the device to its initial quality. And for this reason, we do not skimp on our replacement parts. While many iPhone repair shops utilize low-quality grade B or C parts, we don’t meander to save you a few bucks but instead, we do our repairs in the best way they should be done to ensure that you win at the end of it all. Your phone will last longer and run better.

Irrespective of the problem ailing your iPhone, bring it in for a diagnostic examination. Our certified technicians will identify the issues and give you the repair cost and from there, we give you the reigns. On top of our repair services, we also provide you with a Warranty on our work and replacement parts, just in case something was not done to your standards (which is rare) we will resolve it to meet your expectations.

Reasons Against DIY iPhone Repair

  • Delicate Components

iPhone innards are not for the faint of heart, on top of the anxiety of opening your phone and wondering where the problem could be, you have to wonder how many screws rolled off the table and they really have a tendency of “vaporizing”, never to be seen again. All the components of your iPhone are fragile, delicate pieces of technology that have not been touched by human hands. Oil on your fingertips, the wrong amount of pressure, or using the wrong strength of rubbing alcohol can decimate the components. Many average knockoff cleaning tools and supplies can leave traces of dust and lint on the various components. This and other mistakes can be disastrous, causing more damage and costing you a lot more pain and money than you had expected.

  • Quality Parts and Tools Needed

There are many individuals and companies who claim to sell quality and legitimate Apple parts online. You may think this is convenient but the truth is most of the parts you’ll find online are knockoffs that are not anywhere near manufacturer standards. They will damage your iPhone further and possibly to an extent that even the most specialized repair can’t fix. In addition, you may have to wait for weeks to receive the parts not to mention the possibility of opening your mail and having a totally different part. You can also pay for the parts and never receive them. How worse can it get? But with a professional iPhone repair company, high-quality parts are always in stock and this means that all the inconveniences associated with you buying the parts are eliminated.

Parts are not the only things that can be knockoffs. iPhone repair calls for the use of specific tools and not all tools are created equal. The market is also filled with low-quality tools that can strip and damage screws and components of your iPhone. And it’s possible that you may never need those tools again.

  • Safety

If you are brave enough and attempt to solder anything without the specialized training that technicians undergo, you’ll not only damage your device further but also pose a safety risk to yourself. Your iPhone, no matter how small is an electronic that gives off electric and static discharge. Just like you would start poking around the back of your refrigerator, the same should apply to your phone because you can still be injured. And let’s face it, buying a new iPhone is often more expensive than some of the refrigerators in our homes.

Instead of taking yourself through all the trouble and risking further damage, just come to Group Micro and have your iPhone repaired the same day. When you bring your iPhone to our shop, we will let you know what is ailing the phone, the repair needed to get it back in the right working order. We understand that you’re a busy person with a damaged iPhone on top of it so don’t make twice the work for yourself by playing DIY repairs. Come visit us at Group Micro for unparalleled iPhone repair services in Los Angeles.

Battery Replacement

A few years after purchasing your iPhone, you may discover that it does not hold charge like it used to. In the middle of the day, you are forced to look for an outlet to boost it. If this defines you, you should struggle no more, visit us and get iPhone battery replacement that will return your cell phone to its initial condition.

Yes, there are other options for iPhone battery replacement. You can buy a Portable Power Bank that will help keep your iPhone battery charging issues a bay. But the truth is, both the charging case and Portable Power Banks are a hassle to keep up with. Apart from making your phone bulkier, heavier, and hard to handle, you will be required to charge them before you can use them. Group Micro is here to offer you quick iPhone battery solution to ensure that you do not fuss with something that will make your life even harder. iPhone battery replacement is the only option you’re left with, especially if replacing your iPhone is out of the question, and you really don’t want to put up with another device that helps your phone to do its job.

We completely understand that the idea of replacing an iPhone battery might make you a bit nervous. Your cell phone is worth a lot and you don’t want to risk taking it to amateurs. Our technicians are well trained and know precisely what they are doing. This gives you an assurance that your iPhone will be in safe hands once you bring it to us and you should expect nothing but the best iPhone repair services in Los Angeles.

Screen repair

Even individuals who religiously protect their cell phone can drop it accidentally while changing phone cases or moving. Conversely, daily use of your cell phone may cause cracks or fractures around the home button or corner especially if you bought a faulty product that was already weak. Even though this kind of iPhone issue is not your fault, you are still the one to pay for the repair.

At no point, should you have to deal with a broken iPhone screen when you warranty period has not yet collapsed. Group Micro can do your iPhone repair at a reasonable price and you will have avoided paying expensive insurance premiums on top of repair fees. One of the most popular service we offer is iPhone screen repair. Group Micro understands how significant it is to have your iPhone screen repaired in the quickest way possible

Whether it’s just a hairline crack on the screen or it’s entirely shattered, you can always count on Group Micro for your iPhone screen repair. You don’t have to keep up with a broken screen that could cause serious damage to your expensive phone or even cut your hand. Let us handle that for you.

iPhone Screen Replacement

There are plenty of YouTube videos showing how easy it is to do iPhone screen replacement yourself, and you can easily purchase a kit. The only important thing your iPhone screen repair is lacking is the expertise of Group Micro. To ensure that everything is done correctly while performing any iPhone repair services, we adhere to a strict set of steps. Sticking to this order help prevent any further damages to the phone. After successful removal of the old screen, we can start your iPhone screen replacement. When we’re inside the device, we can access the home button, earpiece, backlight, and camera. So, if there are any other repairs that need our attention, we will handle them at the same time. Our technicians are highly skilled technicians in both glass screen replacement and LCD replacement. Therefore, if your iPhone screen is broken and needs repair or replacement, look no further than Group Micro.

iPhone Repair Near Me

Given your location, an Apple store might not be the most convenient place to take or send your cell Phone for repair. If you look up iPhone repair near me, you are likely to get results for the closest Apple store which may be 90 miles away. Not forgetting that with their busy nature it will take days or even weeks to have your phone repaired and then mailed back. Simply because a web search of “iPhone repair near me” turns up a few diverse results, does not mean you have to pick aimlessly from the list provided. Instead, you should search for the best iPhone repair company that offers nothing but the best.

Bringing your phone to our repair shop and letting us restore it’s the best decision you can make and we will make sure that you get unparalleled repair services. If you have any inquiries, please contact us at 310-443-4400 or visit us and we’ll be happy to have you.



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