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  • Extern
    $150 to $300
  • iPhone Data Recovery
    $150 to $300
  • Windows Hdd
    $150 to $300
  • Drive External
    $150 to $300
  • Data Recovery

    We can often recover data stored on Macs, Windows PCs, and servers that have sustained many types of damage. If we cannot recover your data, there will be no charge. We can also often recover and repair damaged files and emails stored within most email systems. Our data recovery service fee typically rangesfrom $129 to $299. If your computer won’t turn on, or the hard drive cannot be accessed, don’t freak out. Come to Group Micro, and we do everything possible to get you through this time of crisis.

    Memory Cards | USBs | Smartphones

    We offer data recovery services for memory cards, USBs, smartphones and in many cases for hard disks where data is lost. Our Clock Data Recovery (CDR) capabilities can address the problems created by corruptdrive sectors. Our experts can also repair many types of firmware, printed circuit board, and mechanical problems.

    Stay Calm and Visit Group Micro

    If your device will not turn on, or its data cannot be accessed, don’t freak out. We are a short walk from the UCLA campus and a short drive from Hollywood, Brentwood, and Santa Monica. Group Micro experts can get you through this time of crisis with reliable services that are delivered at a fair price.Our data recovery service fees typically range between $129 to $ 299. We will do everything possible to solve the crisis.


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