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Mac Repair Los Angeles

Has a liquid spilled into the computer? Keyboard or Trackpad not working? Broken screen? Speakers or the camera causing problems? If you attend UCLA or live near Brentwood, Hollywood, or Santa Monica, we are located nearby and ready to fix the problem. We also offer software upgrade services and operating system optimizations.

We Keep Parts in Stock

With some stores, you have to wait for parts to be ordered. The UCLA store has to send all product repair work to another location. These circumstances can add a week or more to the repair process. Group Micro carries a broad range of MacBook parts and we can usually start the repair immediately. We will expedite the order of any replacement parts that are not stocked in-house.

Repair Work is Done in the Store

Repair work at an Apple store can often take three to five days to complete. We consistently provide same-day turnaround. Our in-store services are particularly advantageous to the staff at UCLA. The technical experts at Group Micro are ready to deliver repair services for your MacBook when you walk in the door.

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