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iPad Repair

Having a broken iPad can quite a devastating experience, especially if you use it for everything. Your iPad is an important and expensive device and experiencing some factory-level fault or dropping it can create a sense of panic. Replacing it would be impractical and costly especially if the issue is a small one, but it becomes confusing to know where exactly where to turn to especially since there are lots of companies offering iPad repair Los Angeles but few are actually qualified to get the job done as it should. If your iPad is damaged, don’t freak out, contact Los Angeles’ iPad repair experts, Group Micro.

We offer iPad repair solutions for both individuals and businesses in Los Angeles and its neighborhood. Whether you use your iPad for work, school, or personal stuff, bring it to us for repair and you’ll get it back in your hands before you know it. At Group Micro, we are not only recognized for our quick turnaround time, but also for doing things right. We love it when a customer brings in his/her iPad and walks out again with a repair they can trust 100%. In most instances, we deliver same-day turnaround. Some repair may require a bit more time and for such cases, we may advise you to leave your iPad overnight so that we can be certain that the repair is done right.

IPad Repair Technicians Los Angeles

Our iPad screen repair service covers all generations of tablets. Therefore, if you own an older version, iPad repair should not be a bother to you, leave it to qualified technicians. They have been in the game for a long time, and this means that they can diagnose and fix the problem without much of a hassle. If your iPad screen is cracked, our technicians will check if the LCD is still intact before repairing your screen. We will also give you a customized repair plan that will restore your device, without any unnecessary fees or hidden costs. By choosing Group Micro for your iPad repair, you’re guaranteed the best services and quick turnaround time.

We also offer highly competitive rates on IPad repair services. You want to avoid the costs of purchasing a new device and we don’t want to spend nearly as much as you would fork to replace. We give you great deals and in this way, we create and maintain a good relationship that will keep you coming back to us in case you encounter any other issues.

Common iPad Repair Services

  • Battery and Power Problems

The average lifespan of an iPad battery is 3 to 4 years and instead of going dead all at once, it declines in its ability to hold a charge. There are various apps that can help you determine the health of your iPad battery. Sometimes an iPad just doesn’t switch on but this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue with the battery. There can be other possibilities such as a damaged charging port, malfunctioning logic board, damaged display, or just accidentally having the hold switch on. This means that a different iPad repair will be needed. You can find lots of tips online that show you how to troubleshoot your iPad but if you want to avoid further damage and voiding your warranty, take your tablet to a trusted, professional repair service provider.

The iPad battery was designed to maintain 80% of its capacity after 500 charges and this implies that you should start considering your options if yours falls short of that. Instead of putting up with the inconvenience of having to carry other devices that help your iPad stay charged or chucking for a new, more expensive iPad, it’s in your best interest to have your battery professionally replaced and you can trust the experts at Group Micro to help you with that.

  • Water Damage Diagnostic and Repair

If your iPad has had an encounter with liquid, then you must know that that very situation can wreak havoc on your device and send it to an early grave. If your iPad has taken a dive and doesn’t seem to be responsive, you may be wondering what to do next. You’ve probably heard of the bag of rice theory and may be tempted to do that. That is totally not a good idea. When your device comes into contact with any liquid, it may suffer damage from an electric short circuit and corrosion. So when you dry off your phone after such an encounter or place it in rice, you may be exhilarated to find that somehow it is working! A sigh of relief; you could not bear seeing it go its watery grave. But what you don’t know is that the particles left in your iPad are corroding the components.

In case of water damage, please do not attempt to turn your iPad on as this can cause irreversible damage. Also, do not go with the idea of putting your device in a bag of rice. Just bring it to Group Micro while it is still wet and we’ll stop the corrosion before it even starts. We’ll open the device, investigate the extent of the damage, and put the board through the ultrasonic cleaning process if you give us the go-ahead. This process ensures that corrosion and residues even at microscopic levels. We’ll repair all parts and replace them if need be, including the display assemblies, microphones, ear speakers, loudspeaker, and the proximity sensors.

Even if you dipped your iPad in the rice and continued using but now that it is not working, you can still trust Group Micro with the repair. If the damage is beyond repair, we’ll advise you accordingly.

  • Camera Malfunction

The camera on your iPad may be one of those features that you don’t use on a daily basis but it still is one of the features you want functioning for those priceless, rare experiences. You know you iPad Camera needs repair when you discover that;

  • You can’t locate the camera app on your iPad,
  • your photos are out of focus or blurred,
  • your flash is not working,
  • you see a black screen or closed lens

Group Micro can repair the camera and if need be, replace the faulty elements to reinstate it completely.

  • iPad Screen Damage

This is probably the most common iPad repair issue that we deal with. Everything happens before you know, your device falls off the table, off your bag, and maybe your kids drop it while playing a game. The possibilities are many but a cracked or entirely shattered iPad screen is nothing to keep up with. The screen on most iPads is usually made of a thin sheet of glass, making it vulnerable to damage. And if you continue using it, the possibilities of causing more and injuring yourself are there. So, no matter how severe or slight you iPad screen repair is, Group Micro has the right solutions in the greater Los Angeles area.  At Group Micro, we don’t recommend DIY iPad repair because there is more to fixing a broken screen than just tools. You need to be equipped with the right skills for you to perform the tricky maneuvers necessary in iPad repairs such as screen replacements.

Unlike computer repair, tablet repair is sometimes complex given that iPads require tiny screws and adhesive to hold the parts together, which makes it challenging to work on them.  It takes a steady hand, loads of experience, and the right tools to execute this complex task, thing that most iPad screen replacement shops lack. The very first thing we do once we receive your iPad is diagnosing it to check if there are any issues other than the cracked screen such as camera problems, touch screen failure, or backlight issues. We have been able to resolve all these issues in the past in addition to getting rid of lines across the screen resulting from a damaged LCD.

  • Touch Disease

Whether your screen is cracked or not, you may still need to have it repaired or replaced if your touch screen fails to respond. Putting an under pressure or bending it can have adverse effects on the LCD without any manifestation on the outer screen. Instead of freaking out and causing further damage to your iPad, just bring it to us. This may seem mysterious but our repair services will restore your device to its original state. Once we’re done working on your iPad, we guarantee you that you won’t experience any issues with the screen not responding to your touch. And if you’re overwhelmed by black or colored lines across the screen of your iPad making it a hassle to use your device, just bring it to the experts.

  • LCD & Digitizer Replacement

Fixing LCD damage might be a bit challenging but not impossible. Underneath the screen of your iPad is the LCD display. You iPads LCD display may be damaged when the device is dropped. Resolving such advanced iPad repairs require highly skilled technicians who are not only set but willing to do whatever it takes to ensures that these issues are fixed. Our iPad LCD & Digitizer Replacements are not only affordable but also done expertly. Our team of professionals will diagnose the LCD for any issues and replace it the same time we perform other repairs on your iPad. Glass and LCD replacements require more time compared to glass-only repairs.

  • Back-Housing Replacement

A mere bend or damage to the back-housing of your iPad can be a complex repair task. Both the front and back panel are joined with adhesive and wires that must be handled with care when separating them. The right tools are supposed to be used to detach and seal the panels appropriately. The main reason for sealing the iPad panels correctly is to make sure that no dust can penetrate into the device and no wires get damaged. At Group Micro, we offer back-housing replacement services at a reasonable price. We’re here to save you the hassle of hours spent on disassembling and assembling your device back together. We can also help you with volume and power button replacement.

  • Data recovery

When your iPad crashes or your valuable files are stuck on your device, you may be left wondering if you’ll ever recover years of work and irreplaceable photos and other vital information. That should not worry you, Group Micro can help you recover data “trapped” in your iPad even if it is badly damaged. We guarantee that you’ll be charged a penny if we can’t recover your lost files.

Why You Should Only Trust Your iPad Repair with the Experts

  • Avoid frustrations

Every iPad model is unique and calls for unique solutions and parts. After all, when you were purchasing it, you went for one that better suits your needs and taste. If you want to repair your own device using the little information you find on the web, you’ll have to order some tolls and the replacement parts. The last thing you want is to get are knockoffs or parts that don’t match to your model. Not forgetting that you’ll be forced to wait for weeks to receive your orders and that’s what we call unnecessary inconveniences. Professional iPad repair Los Angeles always have high-quality parts in stock and have all the tools needed to help get your device back to its working order. So, when you have a demanding project or just can’t keep up without your iPad, Group Micro is the place to go. We can handle your emergency situation without any hassle and in a matter of hours, you’ll walk out with the device in perfect working condition.

  • Delicate components

iPad components are delicate and without the right expertise, you’ll open your device and start touching this and that while trying to figure out where the problem could be. Some of the parts have not been touched by human hands and with oily fingertips and knockoff tools, you risk decimating the fragile, delicate pieces. What about those tiny screws that may roll off your working area never to be seen again? Sure, Google and YouTube will give you hundreds of tutorials but do you know exactly which one to use? Working on your damaged device is a recipe for disaster and you can end up causing more damage and even forking out more than you thought you could save.

The repair technicians at Group Micro are highly trained, skilled, and friendly. Contact or visit us for a free diagnosis, quote and the best iPad repair services in Hollywood, Brentwood, and Santa Monica.


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