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iPad and Tablet Repair

We are evaluated as a top-in-region iPad and Tablet repair company. Our Yelp reviews are consistently excellent. We specialized in software upgrades that support the newly-launched applications. This ensures your device software is the latest version and provides you with reliable access to the cool new apps.

Broken Screens and Battery Failure

We have seen it all. UCLA students who have accidentally dropped their device while in a rush to meet class start times. Local clients who have had their children play Frisbee with the device. Our clients bring in batteries that will not charge or have lost an argument with water. And, that have been crushed in the most creative and unusual ways. Our experts are ready to immediately solve the problem, and we carry the parts to fix the device while you are in the store.

Get the Most from Your Device

We can also “jailbreak” iPads and Tablets. As an end result, you will have wider access to the file system. Jailbreaking also unlocks the device’s capabilityto communicate with other devices. This allows you to connect your iPad to Window’s PCs and get the most from your device.

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