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    We have all come to rely on our computers. Whether it’s for business or personal use, it is important that your PC remains in good shape at all times.  A defective computer can wreak mayhem on your life, especially when you rely on it on a daily basis. And when it breaks down, having it restored by a professional is the best bet you have than buying a whole new system. Group Micro is a trustworthy PC repair company providing a wide range of PC repair and maintenance services for our clients in Hollywood, Brentwood, and Santa Monica. To prevent any further damage, consider having your PC repaired by these experts.

    You will know your PC needs repair when you start seeing signs such as:

    • Regular Crashing

    This should be a worrying sign. You may be in the middle of something maybe updating status on your social media or typing a report when everything freezes, your screen goes black and there, your PC is no longer working. Sometimes all you need is just to boot it back up, others times there are more complex issues.  If you’re dealing with unexpected shutdowns or frequent crashes, PC repair might be the perfect solution for you.

    • Slow Performance

    New and updated operating systems are designed to ensure that your PC runs smoothly. As such, you shouldn’t wait for ridiculously long periods for a simple program to open. This is especially true for newer PCs that may not be bogged with downloaded or saved programs and files.  If your computer takes forever to perform a normal function or open a program, it might be in need of repair.

    • Error Message

    Frequent error messages can be infuriating, especially when you’re not sure of the source or how to fix it. If error messages are meddling with your PC’s capacity to function normally, you might need PC repair.

    • Strange Noises

    When your car starts making a strange and otherwise unusual sound, you definitely know you have a serious problem and the same thing applies to computers. If your PC produces a strange sound such as clicking, humming, or an increase in temperature, it is possible that the fan is broken. This is one requires an immediate checkup because the issue could damage your computer’s motherboard. And one thing remains for sure, a damaged motherboard is as good as a ruined computer and before you even know it, you may find yourself in need of a replacement. A professional PC repair service should find and fix the problem long before the situation worsens.

    Many PC owners who notice problems with their computers chose to ignore them and expect that they would go away on their own. Much like an illness, the situation only gets worse over time if not addressed. So, save yourself time and trouble by getting in touch with reputable Los Angeles PC repair technicians today.

    Importance of Having your PC Repaired by Experts

    • Insurance 

    Business insurance protects the consumer in the event of property damage. If you or any other untrained individual causes more damage to your PC, is the cost of replacing it going to be covered? The answer is an outright no! Not forgetting to mention the possibility of being injured in the process. But if a technician accidentally damages your device, their insurance will help pick up the replacement costs. For this reason, hire a computer repairman who is licensed and insured to protect yourself and your electronic investment

    • Expertise

    When your computer is having issues, don’t start disassembling it or turning to your roommate or colleague for help. While they may be more tech savvy, you really should have your computer repaired by an expert technician. Beyond basic troubleshooting, there are issues that lie deeper in your computer’s mainframe or memory bank and they could be the cause of the issue you’re having.

    For instance, getting rid of a deeply rooted virus may go undetected even when you use a sophisticated detection software. While you may think that you’ve completely removed the entity, what you may not know is that a virus usually leaves behind a trail of corruption that exists in the form of damaged code that messes up program interfacing. Also, your PC is made up of different, fragile components and all serve a specific purpose. Using inappropriate tools, the wrong amount of pressure or touching components with oily fingers can cause further damage. These mistakes can be disastrous and if you’re not careful, you may be forced to dig deeper into your pockets and buy another PC.

    • Privacy

    Most individuals use their PCs to store sensitive information such as tax records or bank statements. Some even use them to store sensitive private emails or employee records, especially if their PC is on an office network. With such level of privacy that you’d like upheld, you wouldn’t risk giving your PC to any guy who thinks he can fix your computer. Don’t trust your electronic to just anyone, trust the experts at Group Micro. We understand the importance of privacy and won’t go snooping in your personal files.

    Our PC Repair Services

    Group Micro offers several PC repair services including but not limited to, diagnostics & repair, data recovery, virus removal, system tune-up, hardware/software installation.

    Diagnostics & Repair

    A computer has moving parts and electrical parts, which constitute what is referred to as the hardware platform. There’s also the software which includes but not limited to the operating system, your preferred browser and applications such as a word processor, which all interact with each other.

    But before we start any repairs, we must first diagnose whether your PC has software or hardware issues (sometimes it can be both). This will help us determine what is making your system to misbehave or perform slowly. We can also tell what the problem is just by asking you a few questions. We’ll then explain what is the most likely culprit and your best options, get your approval, and then start working on your device.

    Data Recovery

    Your videos, photos, documents, spreadsheets, and the like are the most valuable items on your system. While a faulty hardware can be repaired or replaced and a software can be re-installed, your data is unique to you, your business or family and value cannot be placed on this type of information. Your computer can fail in hundreds of different ways. The operating system can cause corruption, the hard drive can crash, or you may experience RAID rebuild failures, the possibilities are many. Each type of failure requires a different approach and the experts at Group Micro are trained to effectively recover lost data.

    Type of Data Recovery Group Micro Can Handle

    • Accidental overwrites and formatting
    • Hard drive failures and physical media damage
    • Failed RAID arrays and virtual servers
    • Virus and malicious software damage
    • Bad sectors, file corruption, and more

    Group Micro is your data recovery expert in Los Angeles. We are known to be one of the most experienced and reliable hard drive recovery providers in Los Angeles. Our ability to retrieve our client’s data safely and at a reasonable price is based on the fact that we use the latest and most advanced data recovery tools during our data recovery process. We understand that security is very important to our clients and for this reason, we are committed to delivering worry-free recovery services with state-of-the-art security and transparent pricing. When you drop off your device for data recovery, our Los Angeles facilities will provide a free quote and unparalleled services.

    Virus Removal

    There are more than a million virus definitions floating around the internet and yet no single software has the capacity to catch all of them. Think of a computer like a human body, one person may have the flu in a public space, and you may not get the flu, but the other person next to you will. The standard desktop or laptop does not have the resources needed to maintain the databases of virus definitions that are used by virus scanning software, much less the software required to run the scans. A virus might have infected your device by opening spam emails, downloading infected files, or opening attachments from people you know whose systems and devices such as flash disks may be infected.

    In order to clean your system, we use several cloud-based scanning tools capable of identifying 99% of the known viruses to date. We also use multiple offline tools to scan your operating system from “the outside.” This helps in ensuring that all viruses in the definition databases are successfully removed. During our follow up, we use a number of scanners that operate from within the operating system of your PC. At that point, we also look for and get rid of software packages that may have been installed on your PC and which forms a “breeding ground” for drawing viruses.

    System Tune-Up

    There are several reasons that elucidate why your PC needs to be maintained from time to time. Your computer is made up of numerous mechanical and electronic (hardware) features along with what is referred to as firmware (hardware that can be altered with computer code). It is also made up of software which is defined as an operating system, browser, and word processor.

    When developers create hardware, firmware, or software, it goes through several stages of development. The developers are constantly working on improving their products. Hardware has become faster, larger (and smaller) contingent to the system like laptops vs. desktops, and therefore, developers are no longer concerned about the neatness of the code. This results in your PC updating itself, which for the lack of a better term are basically thrown on your PC with little or no attempt of making sure that everything is kept tidy. This lack of code tidiness could be the reason for the slow performance and frequent restarts.

    With several high-quality tools and unsurpassed experience, Group Micro has the ability to keep your system updated and running at its highest speed. The best way to keep your PC running at its peak performance level is to get a system tune-up at least once a year. Have your PC run to near-new and even better with our comprehensive system cleanup and/or tune-up services.

    Hardware / Software Installation

    Whether you want to enhance your PC’s performance with additional memory, installing a hard drive to store all your important documents and precious memories in videos or photos, or maybe your system took a power surge and ended up damaging its power supply, Group micro has got you covered. Other times, you may realize that a new software isn’t installing on your PC appropriately, our skilled technicians will ensure that you get nothing but the best solutions for all your issues.

    Water Damage Repair

    PC’s and liquids just don’t mix well. If your PC or keyboard has taken a swim or any other liquid spill or has been affected by previous water damage, bring it to us for a free diagnosis. We’ll assess the device and determine which areas were most damaged. Group Micro’s tech specialists will then quote you on repair costs and the time needed to get the job done. Remember, the diagnosis is free and this means you aren’t obligated to accept the quote and if you aren’t able to pay for the repair, you will not be charged for the diagnosis either.

    LCD Change

    Your computer’s LCD is more privy to produce dead pixels, become cracked, or worn. Next thing you know; the LCD screen may look like a throwback film! And unless you enjoy silent, poor quality movies, let our trained and experienced technicians turn your vintage hassle into a modern masterpiece. You can depend on our skills to efficiently and effectively replace the LCD for long-lasting durability.

    Contact or Visit Us

    Our computers are important to us. They should work correctly but sometimes they just don’t. When you need reliable services to repair your PC in Los Angeles, Group Micro is the place to come. Our technicians work onsite and are ready to work on your device immediately. They are trained and certified to handle all PC issues. Our in-store services are particularly advantageous to the students and staff at UCLA. We strive to deliver same-day turnaround and we’ll ensure that your device is back to its proper working condition as soon as possible. We enjoy working with people, discussing your issues and explaining our services in an easy-to-understand fashion. Contact us today at 310-443-4400 or visit our shop for free diagnostic and unparalleled services.


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