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It might take a long time for your hard drive to come out of data recovery. In Los Angeles there are probably a lot of things for you to do while waiting. If you ever pass by a Gamestop or any game shop, maybe you’ll encounter the new virtual reality hardware that’s being advertised like crazy. One of the more known ones is the Oculus Rift.

If you don’t already know what virtual reality is, it’s a really immersive kind of multimedia where a computer simulates entire visual and auditory environments. It allows a user to feel that they are actually in the place a computer has generated. Now, it’s making its way to games, where the environment is shown to the user using head mounted displays, such as the Oculus Rift, a VR headset developed by Oculus VR which is now owned by Facebook. Some of the competition Oculus Rift has is the PlayStation VR (also called Morpheus) by Sony, and HTC Vive by HTC in partnership with Valve Corporation, and others are StarVR and FOVE.

There are a lot of react videos now on the internet floating around about people trying out VR headsets and the games that support it. Usually, horror games are used for these reactions as they elicit funny reactions for the viewer when the subject is faced with something terrifying. Horror games are just one of the types of games that is available on the VR, but they are a favorite. Here are some few VR games you should try.

VR headsets are known for horror games, so here two for you.


Boogeyman: $7.99, Steam

It currently holds a pretty high score on Steam, with 87% of the reviews positive. This is a game where you sit on your bed in your room and wait until morning when the Boogeyman can’t get you. You’d have to shine the light of your flashlight on him whenever you think he’s near, and he’s going to come from a lot of different places, from the window on your left, the vent on your ceiling, the closet across the room, your bedroom door, and of course, under your bed. Don’t let him get you, and good luck staying up all night!


This one is going to be a really confusing. It’s a game where in the game, you’re sitting on a couch in your virtual home playing a game. You’ll be playing a game within the game. You’ll be too focused on playing the game that you end up thinking, what if all the creepy, scary things you’re hearing were actually happening in your home and not in the game. Try it out with surround sound headphones for a surreal experience.

If you’re not a fan of the horror game, here’s one that isn’t horror, but there is a lot of blood.

Surgeon Simulator Virtual Reality

Surgeon Simulator, $9.99,

You’ve probably already heard of this. The goal is to just do whatever the instructions tell you. But since this is a VR game, you’re in for a gory ride. You will be playing a surgeon with butterfingers, so good luck as you play around and crack ribs, cut something you’re not supposed to, and rearrange organs. You’ll be soaked in your unfortunate patient’s blood in no time.

Do these games make you feel like you want a VR headset too? Well, try them now and experience worlds you never thought could exist today!