Data Recovery

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Your computers, smartphones, and tablets contain valuable information. Many of your photos and confidential documents cannot be replaced if they are damaged or destroyed. In most cases, if your device has been damaged and the internal components are still intact, your data can be recovered and stored to an external hard drive so you save it outside of your system.

Recover Data on Broken Devices

While many people have their files backed up automatically, there are times when some of them are missed. At Group Micro, we can recover your files using our state of the art system and place them on an external storage device. We can also help you retrieve files from almost any type of device, including:

• Android or iPhone smartphones
• Laptops
• Desktops
• Mac Computers
• Tablets

The technology and tools we have at our disposal allow us to work with any operating system and almost any brand of device. There are times when a device has system issues that involve either the battery or the actual motherboard. This can prevent you from getting into your system at all. We can use our equipment to access those trapped files. Once we know why the device is having problems, we can either fix the device and return your files or allow you to keep them on the external hard drive so that you can upload them yourself.

The Benefits of Backing Up Your Files With External Storage

Each member of our staff has been trained using different types of software and operating systems. They can help you retrieve your data, as well as show you how to back up your files externally so you never have to worry about losing them again. There are several advantages to using both cloud storage and external hard drives. They include:

• Immediate access to information no matter what device you are using
• No more lost or corrupted files
• Files aren’t “trapped” within your system
• Files are easily transferred from one device to another
• Files can be password protected and kept confidential

While we have a comprehensive list of resources and tools at our disposal, there will be files we can’t save. If for any reason, we are unable to recover your files there will be no charge for our services.