PC Repair

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Your PC often becomes the information center of your home or business. It holds files, photos, videos, movies, anything and everything digital that is important enough for you to want to save. When you begin to have issues, you may try and troubleshoot on your own. The problem is that many of the problems associated with PCs involve software and components that you may not have the skills to fix. It’s important you have a PC repair company like Group Micro that has the diagnostic tools and resources to fix your problem quickly and efficiently without losing your precious data.

Quality PC Repair

Quality PC repair consists of uncovering the problem through a series of diagnostic tests and then replacing or repairing the components/software that have been damaged. Before the diagnostics are performed, the files on the PC, including any pictures and software programs, are backed up and stored to an external hard drive. The technician will look for any types of malicious software or viruses that are adversely affecting how your PC functions. Once the PC is cleared and the components/software repaired and reinstalled, you’ll be back on track and able to take your PC home.

Different Repair Services
The professionals at Group Micro offer a variety PC repair services. They include:

• Memory Repair or Change
• LCD Change
• Water Damage Repair and Restoration
• Clean Up and Service
• Diagnostic Testing and Service (free)
• Hard Drive Exchange and Repair
• Virus and Malware Removal

These services can be performed on both Mac PCs and those that have Windows Operating systems. In some cases, we will only need to perform one service to bring your PC back into perfect working order. Depending on the severity of your issues, we may need to perform several different services to ensure your device runs optimally. Once the diagnostic testing is complete, we will go over the results with you.

Our Policy

At Group Micro, our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction. When you bring your PC to us, we will perform all of the diagnostic tests needed to evaluate the status of your device. Once we know what needs to be done, we will contact you and allow you to make the final decision as to what repairs are made. We make sure all of our work meets or exceeds the standard of excellence put in place by the manufacturer and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your computer is back to its original state before you take it home.

When your PC needs repaired or just isn’t performing the way it should, bring it to our Group Micro store located at 1036 Broxton Ave Ste # C in downtown Los Angeles, California. You can also call 310-443-4400 to schedule an appointment to have your PC tested. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible. We are located close to the college campus and work with students as well as business owners to make sure all of their deadlines are met. Call or visit our store today to have a free diagnostic test run on your PC! Let us help you get your computer back to full speed today!