Screen Glass Replacement

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The screens on many smart devices can cost as much or more than most other components. It’s also the most vulnerable because of how you handle the device. Many people choose to live with a cracked or broken screen simply because they think it will cost too much to get it fixed properly. Trying to fix the screen on your own can lead to permanent or irreversible damage.

The Most Common Problem with Smartphones, Tablets, and iPods

A broken or damaged screen is actually the number one issue reported with smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Several things can cause a screen to chip or break. A few of the most common causes include:

• Extreme heat
• Dropping on a hard surface
• Hitting it against a hard surface while carrying it
• Sitting on it while it’s in a pocket
• Battery malfunction that causes pressure inside the phone

No matter how the screen is broken, it can eventually damage the internal components of the phone. It’s important that it’s fixed as soon as possible to prevent you from getting cut or the phone from receiving further damage.

Fast, Efficient Services

Apple products like the iPhone and iPad require special attention when it comes to replacing damaged screens and other components. This is part of the reason why customers are encouraged to contact a registered repair center to replace the glass screens. At Group Micro, our professionally trained technicians can fix both Apple and Android devices. We have the tools required for servicing both types of phones and are capable of replacing damaged phone or broken screens in less than an hour. In addition to replacing the screen, our techs can also run diagnostics to ensure that none of the device’s other components have been damaged.

Affordable Rates

Glass screens are extremely expensive when compared to other components of a phone or tablet. In fact, it can cost more to replace the glass screen of an iPad or iPhone than it would be to purchase a similar used phone. At Group Micro, we offer affordable rates and guaranteed service so that your device is as good as new when you leave the shop. We use only OEM products that meet or exceeds the standards of the industry so we know that your device will be just as it was before it was broken or damaged. Our prices are in-line with our competitors and very affordable. We understand that your phone or tablet is often.