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One technological marvel that people are enjoying today is the iPad. Tech centers that offer Apple repair in Los Angeles are abundant because there are millions of people using this device. It is like a portable computer since it allows you to check your email, play games, and type documents. More than that, it allows you to read digitized books on it through eBook reader applications.

However, iPads are not the only devices that you can use to read eBooks. Android tablets, like iPads, allow you to view and store electronic books that you can read during your break or after a long day of work. This means that through these devices, you can carry your favorite books with you wherever you go! If you have an iPad or tablet, you probably have an eBook reader app already. But if you don’t, you should check the following apps; they are some of the best readers available at the AppStore and Play Store. 

FBReader – Free

This is one of the most popular readers around. One of the best parts about it is of course, the fact that it’s free. Aside from that, it allows you to customize its font size and style as well as the background and switch between day and night modes. It also supports many different formats such as plain text and the AZW3, which is the format for the Amazon Kindle. With a little plugin – which is also free – you can even read PDFs using this.



Moon Reader – Free/$4.99

This app supports many e-book formats and it also caters to CBZ and CBR, which are file formats for comic books. The numerous themes and features that it offers will also make your reading experience as easy and as comfortable as you like. This is perfect for newbies because it is very easy to use. A paid version is also available for those who want to try it out. 

PocketBook – Free

One of the coolest features of this app is the text to speech which means that it can read a book aloud for you. This is great for individuals who love travelling with a book but have motion sickness. Annotations can also be added to the book files and the app also offers different view modes to suit your reading style. However, the best thing about this app isn’t it’s features, but the fact that all of those features are free. 

Google Play Books Library

Google Play Books – Free

This one is a stock or native app present in most android phones since it comes with the Play Store. Here, you can browse and buy books from the Store. You can keep all and read all of the books you purchase in the app. If you want to read something that isn’t from the Play Store, however, you will have to upload the file to the app. 

Shelfie – Free with in-app purchases

One of the more interesting apps, Shelfie lets you get a digitized version of a book you already have. It’s like getting an electronic version of all the books that you own. Imagine having a book collection in your phone bigger than the repository of the local library. That would be pretty awesome.

Book readers don’t have to be overly complicated or installed in one device only. Have fun trying out all these apps and maybe you will find the perfect reader that you can use to read your favorite novels while drinking a warm cup of chocolate.