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Almost everyone these days own smartphones that they can take anywhere with them. Due to its various features and mobility, plenty of people love to use these devices to perform numerous functions. Although they are pretty handy, you still have to be careful; in the long run, constantly using your phone might lead to damages that you might not know how to handle. Even if there are shops that offer services such as Android and iPhone repair in Los Angeles and all over America, you still have to learn how to care of your device properly.

One of the ways to maintain your smartphone in good condition is by cleaning it frequently. Your device is susceptible to different germs and bacteria that might stick to it. In fact, studies have been done to show that most of these devices carry disease-causing faecal matter and microbes.

To avoid contracting illnesses through your phone, it is important that your clean it at least once a week. To help you on this matter, here are some of the recommended ways of cleaning your gadget. 

Do: Use a Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is a very good cleaning material that you can use on items like TVs, computer screens, lenses, and of course your mobile device. This cloth usually comes with eyeglasses, but you can always use it to clean your smartphone as well.


This is probably the easiest way to clean your phone, by the way. You just wipe it all over your device in order to remove any dust or oil. Plus, you do not have to worry about scratching your screen with it because the material is very soft. If you want, you can also spray water on the cloth before wiping your gadget. Just make sure that you do not completely soak the microfiber cloth.

Tip: Keep your microfiber cloth clean by soaking it in a mixture of soap and water, and then rinse it repeatedly. Be sure to air dry the fabric before using it again. 

Do: The Scotch Tape Method

Using the scotch tape method to clean your phone is a very good option if you do not have a microfiber cloth with you.

All you have to do is cut a strip of tape and stick it to the surface of your phone screen then peel it off in order to get rid of all the unwanted grime and dirt stuck to your device. Repeat this process as often as needed. 

Do: The UV Charger

If you want to take the process of cleaning your phone to the next level, then buying a UV charger may be your best option.

UV Charger

UV chargers usually have two UV-C lamps which produce a wavelength of light that infiltrates the cell walls of viruses and bacteria in order to destroy them. With a UV charger, you basically don’t have to do much in order to clean your smartphone. Basically, this advantageous device allows you to charge your phone and keep it clean as well! 

Don’t: Alcohol-Based Cleaners

Do not use disinfectants like Windex, Ajax, or Clorox to clean your smartphone. Using these products or some other cleaning solvent is completely wrong because they can actually damage your gadget’s protective coating.

There are numerous specialty solvents that you can buy on the market to clean your phone, although they will cost you some money. There is no sense in buying them when you can just use regular water and a microfiber cloth instead. 

Don’t: Paper-Based Wipes

Items like coarse cloth, facial tissues, and paper towels are not good to use when wiping your mobile device because they have a high risk of scratching its surface. These scratches can build up over time and may render your touchscreen useless or unresponsive.

The process of cleaning your phone is simple; you just need to have an idea what to do. Take note of the tips above when cleaning your gadget. Make sure that your smartphone is clean from bacteria to avoid health problems.