Universal Adapter Converter All in one (US,UK,AU,EU)

Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter

In retail Packing . High Quality

ASIA – Europe – USA

100% Compatible World Wide

This is a All-In-One International AC Adapter Plug. No need to purchase different voltage converters.
These adapters will allow you to use the same converter nearly anywhere in the world for most any appliance or electronic device.

Product Features
100% New.
All-In-One International Adaptor.
Works with all types of outlets in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia, Japan, China, and the UK.
Power indicator light.
Compact size for easy portability.
Provide protected safety shutter, power indicator and surge protector.
Accepts earthed/unearthed plugs from dozens of countries.

Universal Adapter Converter All in one (US,UK,AU,EU)