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Mac Data Recovery

Macs use the same brands of hard drives PCs do: Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc., and despite the fact that they run a different operating system and are a bit more robust than an HP, Lenovo, or Dell, they are still susceptible to hard drive failure. One of the many differences between PC data recovery and Mac data recovery is that it is oftentimes more difficult to remove a hard drive from a Mac than a PC, which makes the entire data recovery process more difficult. This is especially true for MacBooks, iMacs, and handheld iDevices (iPads, iPhones, etc.), but not so much for Mac Pros, as the architecture of the Mac Pro is quite similar to that of the standard PC tower.

So, Mac owners, don’t be surprised if the hard drive in your computer fails you. Take the same actions when dealing with a failed hard drive in your Mac as you would if you were dealing with a failed hard drive in a PC: immediately shut off your computer and seek the help of a Mac data recovery specialist. Recently, we’ve had many cases where a user tried to recover their data on their own with the help of recovery software and ended up damaging the hard drive even more, sometimes to the extent that his data became completely unrecoverable! Commercially available Mac data recovery software will do little to save your data if your hard drive has mechanical issues, so don’t rely on such software if you suspect that your hard drive has a mechanical issue (e.g., it makes a clicking noise). Let our Mac data recovery specialists handle it. We offer free diagnostics anyway, so it won’t cost you a dime!