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PC Hard Drive Change & Repair

When it comes down to PC’s, users may run their hard drive until the wheels fall off. If you’re a full or part-time UCLA student, this is the most important component to your computer. In the blink of an eye, your personal data may crash leaving you with no more than plastic and precious metal. Depending on your needs and the hard drive’s condition, we may recommend either an upgrade or replacement. To better assist you, we suggest going to the drop-down menu under your PC’s “hard-drive” option and choose the specifics of the new hard drive. In the “data-transfer” drop-down menu, choose if you would like a new operating system (OS, i.e. Windows 8, 10 etc.) or the existing OS already installed on your PC. Clients are required to have the valid license info for the OS so it can be installed properly. We will do everything in our power to save your personal data but there is slight chance of failure due to potential data corruption, internal damage etc. If we’re unable to convert your personal data, the transfer service will be free of charge.