Power Bank

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In the past, there are only a few things that you can do using a mobile phone, like calling and texting. However, today a phone can now function as a tiny computer, MP3 player, or even a camera. These days, you can almost do anything just by pushing a few buttons on your phone. However, there is still room for improvements. In Los Angeles, there are Apple repair centers and other electronic shops that offer the following accessories – tools that will help you maximize your phone:

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

If you believe that your laptop is too heavy to carry with you to certain places or if your work involves writing and submitting articles in various places, then a portable Bluetooth keyboard is perfect for you.

Instead of carrying your laptop everywhere you go, just bring your phone and a portable keyboard since it is the obviously lighter choice between the two. It is a fact that computers are getting smaller and smaller; your smartphone can easily replace your laptop nowadays, particularly since you can also download various apps that would allow you to easily type your thoughts, projects, etc.


Power Bank

Here is a three-word horror story: no more battery! Your smartphone has a lot of functions that you can use anytime which can drain your phone’s battery even before the day is over.

Having a power bank ready and on the go will ensure that you won’t have to look for electrical outlets in public places ever again when your battery is drained. Possessing a power bank is basically having an extra battery that is enough to get you through the rest of the day.

Camera Lenses

This phone accessory is perfect for those people who love taking photos without using a DSLR or other professional cameras. Since they are usually bulkier anyway, carrying professional cameras might be an inconvenience. Instead, just purchase different camera lenses for your mobile device.

The lenses for mobile phones include 10x Macro, 15x Macro, Wide-Angle, and Fisheye lenses; this gives you a variety of options to choose from! It also means that you can now have more professional-looking pictures through your phone’s camera – photos that you can post on various social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.


Cordless Earphones

Your regular headphones can be a little drab to use especially since they can easily get tangled in your bag or even while you are wearing them.

The innovation called cordless earphones was created with comfort as its main purpose. You no longer have to worry about tangled headphone wires when using this accessory. It also allows you to move freely since your headphones are not physically connected to your smartphone. Cordless earphones are perfect for people who love to listen to some background music while running.

Aside from the items stated above, there are numerous other smartphone accessories that you can use. You just have to find which one will fit your needs perfectly.